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Colonialism, Post, and Anti, in the Digital Age (CPADA)

A workshop at the Stanford Humanities Center

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Colonialism denies its allocation to the past. Its persistence demands that we ask how it has changed alongside exponential data accumulation, fast evolving mediums, accelerating advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the vast reaches of human networks. This workshop brings together scholars who use computational methodologies, who position the digital as objects, who challenge the replication of inequalities in the digital space, who trace continuities across mediums, who observe human-AI relations, and who question the digital infrastructures of scholarship. It aims to unite the tools and knowledges of multiple disciplines to train the eye on colonialism even as it dissipates into the cloud.

We welcome Stanford and non-Stanford participants whether in person or on Zoom.

News & Events

Multilingual Internet (16 Jan)
with Anushah Hossain
Joseph Kunnuji.jpeg
Streaming Afrobeats (6 Feb)
with Joseph Kunnuji
Infracolonialism (27 Feb)
with Dhanashree Thorat
(Dis)Placing Necaxa (27 Feb)
with Diana Montaño
Debabelization (12 Mar)
with Aarthi Vadde
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